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Terms & Conditions

  • Boracay Suites is a serviced vacation apartment. They are neither a hotel nor a resort.
  • The infrastructure in Boracay like potable water, electricity, cable TV, sewerage or internet is still developing. The management of the Boracay Beach Houses is trying its utmost to provide you with the best infrastructure and services possible. Nevertheless it cannot guarantee the uninterrupted operation of all of them at all time. A failure or interrupt is not a valid reason to cancel or change any bookings and no refund can be claimed for it.
  • The check-in time is 2:00 pm and the check-out time is 12:00 noon.
  • Breakfast is not included nor offered at Boracay Suites.
  • The number of arriving guests must in all cases correspond to the number of persons registered. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the respective booking and forfeiture of the advance payment. Guests may also be charged a fee of PHP 2,500.00 per excess person per night.
  • All rooms at Boracay Suites are strictly non-smoking. Bedrooms that have been smoked in, or smell of smoke, will be assessed and charged a cleaning fee of PHP 2,000.00 per night.
  • Parties in Boracay Suites have to be authorized by the management.
  • The rooms at Boracay Suites are laid out for two adults. Children can be accommodated in certain rooms. Please inquire with the management.
  • The backup generator is meant to provide the guest with light and outlet power for TVs, Internet etc. during blackouts. Please note that it cannot guarantee enough power for air conditioning or water heaters.
  • The guests are fully responsible for any damages caused to the houses, its surroundings, the furniture, the accessories, the appliances etc. All occupants of a room or house are jointly and individually responsible for payment of all breakages and cost of repairing all damage caused to the room our house they are registered in.
  • A security deposit of PHP 5,000.00, in cash, is due upon check-in. The security deposit will be refunded in full upon check-out provided that there is no loss or damage to the property. In the event that damages exceed the amount of deposit, guests will forfeit their deposit and pay any exceeding amount that is due. Invoice will be issued detailing the list of all charges. There will be a PHP 500.00 fee for any lost, misplaced, or unreturned keys.
  • Any loss or damage to any rooms by the guests can be deducted from the deposit including but not limited to the following: number of guests exceeds the number that is registered on the rental agreement, replacements and repairs that are outside normal wear and tear, conditions that require excessive cleaning or laundry like rooms that have been smoked in, rearranging furniture that has been moved, replacement of missing items from the room (including, but not limited to bath and beach towels), soiling of towels, linens and carpets, costs to replace lost or damaged keys and misuse of items belonging to the property.
  • Breach of any of the House Rules may result to the forfeiture of the offender’s and or a group booking’s remaining nights of stay or immediate eviction at the discretion of the Management. No refund on accommodation will be offered under these circumstances.
  • Breach of House Rules include:
    - Noisy, offensive and/or unruly behavior;
    - Damage to or destruction of property;
    - Improper or unseemly conduct;
    - Unauthorized parties;
    - Any act or omission which, in the opinion of the Management, adversely affects or brings discredit upon the Management, owner or other guests.
  • Boracay Suites provides in-room safes for every room. We encourage all guests to keep valuables in their safe. We will not be held liable for any missing items in the room. Any items left behind after a guest has checked-out may be considered "disposable" and may be thrown out. Should the management deem an item "valuable" and enter it into our "Lost and Found" items. Guests are responsible for the shipping and handling charges associated with the retrieval of their items.
  • By acceptance of these policies, Guests agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the owners of Boracay Suites and its representatives from all claims, disputes, litigation, judgments, costs, and attorney fees resulting from loss, damage or injury to Guests and occupants, and licensees of Guests. We recommend that Guests obtain and carry insurance to protect personal property.
  • Guests or their personal property, including vehicles, are not insured by the property owners against loss or damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, rain, water, criminal or negligent acts of others, or any other cause. Please read and understand our policies before making your reservation.
  • Being a popular vacation rental most especially to families, we do not encourage prositution at Boracay Suites. In any circumstances that a checked in guest/s would have any visitor or companion, providing it does not exceed the maximum capacity of the house and/or room he/she has booked, the management and its staff has the right to ask for proper identification of their visitor/companion and have it logged for security purposes.

By booking an accommodation with the Boracay Beach Houses the guest accepts the following cancellation policy:


  • If you cancel your booking 7 days or less before check-in date; the cancellation fee is 100% of the total rental.
  • If you cancel your booking 8 to14 days before check-in date; the cancellation fee is 80% of the total rental.
  • If you cancel your booking 15 to 29 days before check-in date; the cancellation fee is 50% of the total rental
  • If you cancel your booking 30 days or more before check-in date; the cancellation fee is 20% of the total rental
  • If you have not cancelled your booking and do not check-in (no show); you will be charged a ''no show'' fee of 100% of the total rental.


  • Rentals that are based on a monthly rental agreement at a special monthly rate are irredeemable and non-refundable.
  • IMPORTANT: Stays during super peak seasons are non-cancellable / nonrefundable (Christmas/New Year, Orthodox Christmas/New Year, Chinese New Year, and Holy Week).
    To cancel a booking please contact us at beachhouse@intergga.ch
    For any amendments of confirmed bookings you will be charged an administrative fee of 30 USD.
    If your amendment reduces the number of nights you have booked with us, you will be charged the administrative fee plus the cancellation fee for the cancelled nights (according to our cancellation policy).
    Court of jurisdiction: Sarnen, Switzerland